Minecraft Xbox Seeds

Minecraft Xbox Seeds


Minecraft xbox seeds is where you'll find the latest seeds i've found for Minecraft Better Together Version and Minecraft Xbox One Edition. The better together version of Minecraft works across platforms and so they work on xbox one, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, Virtual Reality, and Mobile versions of Minecraft. These seeds are also posted on my youtube channel, Tanisha Eileen.

Some Important Info:

- In order to recreate the seeds I post you must use the exact same map size, seed # inlcuding if there is a " - " or not, as well as biome scale for the Xbox One Edition seeds. 

- All seeds I find for the Better Together Version use the infinite world type (map size)

- I include the date that the seed was found because older seeds become outdated and often change or lose structures after every game update.

Make sure you are using a seed found after the most recent update or first check that the structures you want are all there by creating a game in creative and checking cords. You can use an older seed, but they do not include updated information. Since older seeds will require a lot of upkeep, I try to just find new ones instead of updating old ones. Since things don't always change all that much with updates, I still leave them up. This page will always display the Minecraft Xbox Seeds with the most recently found at the top. The same is true for each seed category. I hope you get hours and hours of fun with these seeds! 

Xbox Better Together Seeds

Find seeds that work for the better together version of Minecraft, which works for Xbox, Windows 10, Virtual Reality (VR), Mobile, and Nintendo Switch Minecraft. Find Xbox One Edition seeds in our Archived seeds (old seeds).

Minecraft Building Ideas

I include a ton of building ideas, which includes ideas for buildings(like restaurants and other typical and fun buildings), rides and games (some really fun ones to!), and decoration ideas (like furniture and sculptures). 

The Latest Minecraft Xbox Seeds

2 Desert Temples Near Spawn Seed Jul 21 2018
This 2 desert temples near spawn seed is awesome because there is so much more than just that near spawn, and I include the coordinates, a vid, and pics.
Desert Temple Spawn Seeds
Find Desert Temple at Spawn Seeds for Minecraft Xbox Better Together version. I include photos, a video, and coordinates.
16 Villages Near Spawn Seed Jul 22-18
This 16 villages near spawn seed found july 22 2018 has all you need for an epic survival game. Especially since the majority of villages have blacksmith's.
Small Island Spawn Seed July 15 2018
Small island spawn seed found july 15 2018 is a great seed for playing an epic survival game or for exploring the aquatic update.
Island Spawn Seeds
Find Island seeds that suit your needs whether your looking for a epic survival game or to build a nice city over water.
Two Villages Near Spawn Seed July 14 2018
this two villages near spawn seed has so much more than 2 villages for the Minecraft Better Together version, and we got all the coordinates for you.

The Latest Building Ideas

The Minecraft Fun House I made is colourful, large, and full of twists and turns. Use it for inspiration to build your best, most fun, fun house.
Eating Contest
Build a Minecraft Eating Contest and coordinate games to play with your friends, to see who can eat their food the quickest.
Dragons Nest Rollercoaster
The Minecraft Dragons Nest Rollercoaster is designed to look like a dragon and as if you are riding up the dragons back, and around its nest.
Minecraft Dots Game
The Minecraft dots game is an old paper and pen game that easily translates to Minecraft, so you can play it with your friends.
Minecraft Climbing Wall
A Minecraft climbing wall is a great idea. I made mine extra colourful and put fireworks to be set off once you arrive at the top. Check out my pic and vid for inspiration to make your own.
Minecraft Checkers
making a Minecraft checkers board is very easy and its a fun game to play with a friend! Build yourself one and hold tournaments, winner takes all.

Minecraft on Youtube

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