Minecraft Xbox Seeds

Minecraft Xbox Seeds


Minecraft xbox seeds is where you'll find the latest seeds i've found for Minecraft Better Together Version and Minecraft Xbox One Edition. The better together version of Minecraft works across platforms and so they work on xbox one, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, Virtual Reality, and Mobile versions of Minecraft. These seeds are also posted on my youtube channel, Tanisha Eileen.

Some Important Info:

- In order to recreate the seeds I post you must use the exact same map size, seed # inlcuding if there is a " - " or not, as well as biome scale for the Xbox One Edition seeds. 

- All seeds I find for the Better Together Version use the infinite world type (map size)

- I include the date that the seed was found because older seeds become outdated and often change or lose structures after every game update.

Make sure you are using a seed found after the most recent update or first check that the structures you want are all there by creating a game in creative and checking cords. You can use an older seed, but they do not include updated information. Since older seeds will require a lot of upkeep, I try to just find new ones instead of updating old ones. Since things don't always change all that much with updates, I still leave them up. This page will always display the Minecraft Xbox Seeds with the most recently found at the top. The same is true for each seed category. I hope you get hours and hours of fun with these seeds! 

Xbox Better Together Seeds

Find seeds that work for the better together version of Minecraft, which works for Xbox, Windows 10, Virtual Reality (VR), Mobile, and Nintendo Switch Minecraft. Find Xbox One Edition seeds in our Archived seeds (old seeds).

Minecraft Building Ideas

I include a ton of building ideas, which includes ideas for buildings(like restaurants and other typical and fun buildings), rides and games (some really fun ones to!), and decoration ideas (like furniture and sculptures). 

The Latest Minecraft Xbox Seeds

Island Spawn Seeds
Find Island seeds that suit your needs whether your looking for a epic survival game or to build a nice city over water.
Two Villages Near Spawn Seed July 14 2018
this two villages near spawn seed has so much more than 2 villages for the Minecraft Better Together version, and we got all the coordinates for you.
Oak Village Near Spawn Seed Jan 6.18
Oak Village Near Spawn Seed for Minecraft + 10 Village Cords (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PE, Wii U)
Oak Village at Spawn Jan 3.18
Minecraft Xbox One Better Together Village at spawn seed. Multiple villages around spawn, coordinates provided. World type: Infinite.
Village Spawn Seeds
Minecraft Xbox One Village Spawn Seeds for the better together version of Minecraft (for xbox, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, VR, and Mobile versions).

The Latest Building Ideas

Coffee Shop
My Minecraft Coffee Shop is in the shape of a cup and is super easy to recreate. It's cute and functional.
Minecraft Cake House
Check out my minecraft cake house and easily recreate it yourself for an awesome decorative build for your mpa.
Find Minecraft decoration ideas and links to some of my personal creations for extra inspiration.
Minecraft Rides and Games
Find Minecraft rides and games ideas and links to some of my personal creations for extra inspiration.
Find a list of Minecraft Buildings Ideas with links to my creations for extra inspiration.
Build Ideas Master List
Minecraft build ideas master list is a list of things for you to build in Minecraft including linking to some build ideas that have individual pages.

Minecraft on Youtube

Check out and subscribe to the Tanisha Eileen youtube channel to be updated with the newest Minecraft Xbox Seeds.