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Xbox Better Together Seeds

Find awesome Minecraft Better Together Seeds so you can play with your friends on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, VR, and mobile.

This is one of the best places to find new Minecraft Better Together seeds whether you play on Xbox, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, VR, or mobile version. The seeds i've found are divided into separate categories based on what you find at spawn. The date represents the day the seed was found so you know how current the seed is.

You can use the date to discover whether the seed was found on the most recent update. Sometimes updates mess with a seed and the coordinates, causing structures to disapear. If something is really important and you want to play an older seed I recommend loading the map in creative first and checking to be sure what you really want is still there. I won't update old seeds I just find new ones. Each of the seeds includes a gallery in most cases of things you'll find on the seed, however all of the pics in the gallery are included in the coordinates. 

Village Spawn Seeds

4 Village on spawn map seed found dec 25 2018. Find coordinates, vid, and pics for this Minecraft Better Together seed.

This 16 villages near spawn seed found july 22 2018 has all you need for an epic survival game. Especially since the majority of villages have blacksmith's.

this two villages near spawn seed has so much more than 2 villages for the Minecraft Better Together version, and we got all the coordinates for you.

Island Spawn Seeds

2 Ocean Monuments Survival Island Seed for Minecraft Better Together version found December 18, 2018. Find seed information and coordinates as well as photo and video of the seed here.

Small island spawn seed found july 15 2018 is a great seed for playing an epic survival game or for exploring the aquatic update.

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