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Minecraft Buildings Ideas

Find a list of Minecraft Buildings Ideas with links to my creations for extra inspiration.

If you are looking for Minecraft Buildings ideas you’ve come to the right place. Most of the ideas I’ve posted here with pictures and/or video are ideas I’ve had and created. It’s a place for you to get ideas based on what I’ve made myself, but it is certainly not the only way to create things. Like my horse racing track can be done any way you like, and hopefully my pics will give you some inspiration. If you want to recreate something identically, feel free to do that as well! For some of the simpler builds, I give dimensions. However most of the time I don’t because while I was creating the build I was winging it.

Minecraft Buildings Ideas List with Links to Tanisha Eileen Creations

Minecraft Coffee Shop

More Minecraft Buildings Ideas For You to Make

- Saloon (Country Bar)

- Dance Club

- Town Hall

- Library

- Casino

Horse Race Track

- First Aid Building

- Security/Police Station

- Car Dealership

- Hospital

- Movie Theatre

- Church

- Cathedral

- Stadium

- Bowling Alley

Minecraft Restaurant and Dining Ideas

- BBQ House

- Veg Diner

Sushi Bar

Food Truck

- Drink Stand

Coffee Shop

Minecraft Buildings Ideas

Check out my minecraft cake house and easily recreate it yourself for an awesome decorative build for your mpa.

My Minecraft Coffee Shop is in the shape of a cup and is super easy to recreate. It's cute and functional.

A Minecraft food truck looks awesome and its easy to build and I show you how in my tutorial.

Take a look at my minecraft horse race track to get inspiration to make your own.

Check out my Minecraft sushi bar and get some inspiration. With all of the fish options in Minecraft a sushi bar is a must have.

The Minecraft X Shaped House is an easy build and you have tons of options to create a variety of rooms, and hopefully my gallery gives you lots of inspiration.

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