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X Shaped House

The Minecraft X Shaped House is an easy build and you have tons of options to create a variety of rooms, and hopefully my gallery gives you lots of inspiration.

This house is built in the shape of its name, X, with an added mid section, making it the Minecraft X House. Its actually pretty simple to build and leaves you with tons of space to fit all the goodies you need. Our X House is 1 bedroom and bath, with an entertainment room and indoor garden. Browse the gallery to get inspired.

How To Build the Minecraft X Shaped House Yourself

Minecraft X Shaped House

To Build this house, start with one of the branches on the X. In a diagonal Line, place at least 12 blocks to make a larger room. Keep track of how many blocks so you can repeat the same number for the other branches of the X. This is the beginning of your rectangular room so finish the room off. When you get back to where you started, create another branch/room next to it. You’ll then want to add the mid section, and then add the last 2 branches by repeating the process. Use the photo as a guideline.

Once you get the basic outline you’ll then want to work on making rooms and transforming those branches. Fill in some of the walls to make square rooms which are easier to decorate. The problem with the diagonal room is that it is hard to decorate on a diagonal. You can just fill in a few sides and voila, you have a box room that is of a unique design. Use our photo which shows an example outline that you can make with the X House design.

Minecraft X Shaped House

Check out our Minecraft Furniture section to get inspired on decorations and ways to make your house feel more like a home. If you make this yourself take a pic and share it below in the comments! I think its so awesome to see other people’s creations and I would love to see those inspired by what i’ve made.

Minecraft X Shaped House Gallery

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