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Bathroom Furniture

Check out the Minecraft Bathroom Furniture in the gallery and get inspired to decorate your bathrooms.

Minecraft Bathroom Furniture is a fun way to make a not so fun room look a little better. You don’t have to include one, since going to the washroom isn’t really a necessity or function in the actual game. So any decorating you do with be just that, purely decorative. However it is something you want to include in your homes especially if you are going for a more “realistic” effect within the Minecraft universe. Like trying to make a realistic city, home, etc.

Minecraft Bathroom Furniture

I personally like to add those extra touches and try to go for a more realistic looking layout, though often my home builds can be to small to allow room for a larger bathroom. I do have some large home and castle/mansion builds however that I’m working on. They do include bathrooms which I’ve decorated and shared photos of in my Minecraft Bathroom Furniture Galleries below.

Minecraft Toilet

Minecraft Toilets

The gallery showcases a few different styles and ways to represent a toilet in your bathroom, which is kind of a must have. Unless your just looking for spa like ideas, a toilet will really define the room as being “the bathroom”.

Minecraft Toilets Gallery

Minecraft Sinks

Minecraft Sinks

Washing your hands in real life is a must do after every toilet use, and no typical bathroom would exist without a sink so you could do just that. Some of the ideas below are how you can add a sink as a part of your Minecraft bathroom furniture.

Minecraft Sinks Gallery

Minecraft Bath and Tubs

Minecraft Showers/Baths/Tubs

Sometimes all you need is to take a shower and feel refreshed! While that doesn’t exactly work that way in Minecraft, its still great deco for your bathroom.

Minecraft Showers/Baths/Tubs Gallery

The stairs are a great item to use to make nice a large variety of toilet styles that make your room really have that Bathroom feel. You also want to include a toilet roll, sinks, and showers and tubs. Some of the more elaborate bathrooms could have a hot tub that, if it were your home in real life. You know you’d appreciate it! I love to build based on what I’d want in a home when I’m building my Minecraft houses. So needless to say when I have the room to do it my Bathrooms and homes can be quite large. I hope you get lots of inspiration browsing my galleries for making your own awesome bathroom and all the features within it.

Minecraft Bathroom Furniture Gallery

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