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Minecraft Sculptures

Minecraft sculptures are a great way to improve your builds and I have a few ideas for you.

Minecraft Sculptures

Creating Minecraft Sculptures can be easy, especially for smaller ones, and it adds a whole new fun and enjoyable dimension to a map. It can be something as simple as flower sculptures in a field of grass and flowers that adds a beautiful setting to the backdrop of your Minecraft city. Maybe it is a large frosty the snowman to sit inside your taiga village next to a skating rink you’ve built. Whatever the place, Minecraft sculptures are fun to build and to look at once they are complete, making it a perfect Minecraft decoration.

Minecraft Sculptures


As you can see, this butterfly is not insanely large but is small and easy to make. It’s a beautiful addition to a maze like I’ve done, but also any path in Minecraft.


A Minecraft sculpture like a flower is kind of an essential. You can put it in the middle of a field of flowers, or just randomly on the side of the road.

Large Enderman

This was easy to make and fits perfectly into my amusement park. Its holding up a rollercoaster track “set” but what it holds or doesn’t is up to you if you choose to make it yourself.

Minecraft Sculptures Minecraft Sculptures


I needed something to spice up a large body of water in the Electra Amusement Park I create on Minecraft Better Together Version. This whale seemed perfectly. I mostly winged making it but it turned out well and its hard to go wrong.


A snowman is actually pretty easy to make. Mine is big enough to house a bed or a chest for a lucky visitor.

If you like Minecraft lighting decorations and play on Minecraft Better Together or Xbox One Edition, be sure to check out my YouTube Channel Tanisha Eileen. I not only post my creation and build ideas but I post new seeds with awesome spawn points for you to create your own builds on.

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