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Minecraft Decorations

Find Minecraft decoration ideas and links to some of my personal creations for extra inspiration.

If you are looking for Minecraft Decorations than you’ve come to the right place. I have a large collection of designs for you to spice up your rooms and builds with. Since there are so few items in Minecraft, you can only become so creative with how you represent things like chairs and tables (which aren’t items that actually exist in the game). Most of the items in here are for show only but it is very exciting when your otherwise boring build has that nice edge to it that you can appreciate. That edge can include a garden design, nice lighting, or a simple but cute sculpture.

Minecraft Decorations

Minecraft decorations make the game a little more fun and exciting especially if you are a creator and a builder and like making larger cities and builds. I also find that it’s the details that a map and a build have that make it really unique and exciting and homey. Since MC is a block game, the added touch of thoughtful deco placement is a way to differentiate and elevate your city/build. Since what is an otherwise block feeling room feels much more full and rounded when you start adding things like seating or a bed. It is actually the furniture which occupies a room that makes that room what it is. So furniture is important and there is no shortage of ideas here. The Minecraft decoration designs in my galleries should help you create awesome unique builds. I hope these pages give you the inspiration you need to decorate your maps and make you feel totally satisfied with your creation.

Bridge Designs – Look at different bridges I’ve personally created to get inspiration for your own.

Furniture – This includes furniture for different rooms like the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining and living room, as well as entertainment and outdoor furniture options.

Garden Deco – Garden designs to get inspiration for creating your own unique gardens in Minecraft.

Lighting Deco – different styles of lighting which turn the available light sources into much more vibrant and versatile fixtures.

Sculptures – Find different, easy, but fun sculptures that you can make yourself and will look extra awesome in any city/build.

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Find awesome Minecraft Furniture ideas here including a gallery to help you feel inspired.

If you are looking for Minecraft bridge designs, you've come to the right place. I have pics of my own creations to help give you inspiration.

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