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Dragons Nest Rollercoaster

The Minecraft Dragons Nest Rollercoaster is designed to look like a dragon and as if you are riding up the dragons back, and around its nest.

The Dragons Nest is a rollercoaster dragon circling its nest where it has goodies stored atop. The nest is created on top of a large tree stump, and the coaster twines around it. I added iron bars which are entrapping a pig and a sheep for the food. I even added a pile of bones in the middle of the coaster. My dragon is made out of yellow, purple, and black wool blocks mostly, as you can see.

Minecraft Dragons Nest Rollercoaster

How to Create the Minecraft Dragons Nest Rollercoaster Yourself

To make the dragons face is pretty easy and I used it as the starting point for the coaster. The trick is adding the fire to the “nostrils” without causing everything to burn. That took me a little bit, hence the use of stone overtop of the actual fire. If you cover it with stone you can safely place wool 3 blocks away.

I created a wall that gradually ascends with various colours to act as a dragons wing, like it is guarding its nest. The whole trick is to have fun with your dragon while making it look as realistic as you can. I also tried to do that with the claws which I placed in front of the wing and close to the face.

Minecraft Dragons Nest Rollercoaster

The whole idea of the dragons nest is to first create the face of the dragon as a starting point, and to build as if the coaster is travelling down the rest of its body. Make the coast twine around a large tree without any bush, which at the top sits some caged sheep. You basically have yourself a Dragons Nest! You can decorate the space with a couple pieces of wool to make it even more realistic.

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