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Rainbow Waterslides

Check out my version of Minecraft Rainbow Waterslides and tutorial on how to make them yourself. Slide down them in a boat and its like a real ride.

Rainbow waterslides are a fun attraction for any amusement park or just fun map in general! It is really easy to recreate and it never gets boring. I used 7 different colours of wool blocks and made 7 slides for my rainbow waterslide in Electra Minecraft Amusement Park. You can use any colours and make it as long or as short as you like.

The real fun starts when you get in your boat and slide down! You have to remain straight to prevent breaking your boat, especially with a narrow canal like ours, but the fun doesn’t end!

Minecraft Waterslides

How to Make Rainbow Waterslides

The design of the waterslides is pretty easy to see. Its best to pick a starting point of where you’d like your slides to end and work your way up from there. You are going to create “stairs” with blocks 2 blocks wide to the height that you want your ride to go. Once the middle is created you are going to add another layer on top of these blocks. For each level add 2 blocks on top of the 2 blocks already laid, and then another block on either side, making that row 4 blocks long.

In the end you are going to remove the 2 blocks in the middle, but you can’t do that until you pour the water down. You need the water to be raised and then remove the 2 blocks so your boat will actually slide down the slide without stopping or getting broken. Of course that doesn’t count hitting the wool on the sides, so you need to always keep your boat straight using this ride.

Minecraft Waterslides

If you want to make the space wider in the middle that is totally up to you. Having only a 2 block space in the middle means it will be easy to hit the sides. If your space is wider, like 4 or more blocks, your boat will have more room to slide down.

Minecraft Rainbow Waterslides Gallery

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