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Minecraft Rides and Games

Find Minecraft rides and games ideas and links to some of my personal creations for extra inspiration.

Making your own Minecraft rides and games is one of the fun and most creative ways that people enjoy the game and I have tons of ideas for you to enjoy. There are those out there who work hard to make creative interactive maps so that you and your friends can have a completely unique experience in MC. I share some ideas for you to recreate in Minecraft so you and your friends can play on rides and games together that you built yourself.

Minecraft Rides and Games Ideas List

Minecraft Games

- Dots

- Checkers

- Maze

- Battle Arena

- Archery Range

- Paintball

Minecraft Rides and Attractions Ideas

- Funhouse

- Rollercoasters

- Earthquake

- Water slides

- Waterfall Mountain

- Ferris Wheel (down for maintenance)

- Merry Go Round

- Piggy Back Ride (with pigs on a track)

- Guessing Game

- Tunnel of Love

- Slimey Bouncey House

- Bumper Boats

- Ice Rink

- Racing Coasters(identical tracks for friends to compete on)

- Playground for kids

- Digging for Gold digsite

- Wall Climbing

- Lavaland

- Petting Zoo

- Sky Tower with Sky Jump

- the Rocking Boat

Rides and Games Ideas by Tanisha Eileen

Minecraft Bumper Boats is perfect for the better together version of minecraft, since it is more fun with a few other people.

My Minecraft Bouncy Castle is cute and using the slime blocks makes it fun and functional.

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