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10 Ocean Monuments Minecraft Xbox Seed

10 Ocean monuments Minecraft xbox seed on large map. Includes an ocean monument right at spawn & all the coordinates.

If you want to explore the ocean this seed has 10 Ocean Monuments for you to do just that! This 10 ocean monument Minecraft Xbox seed will be hours and hours of oceans of fun. Its a large map size and I've only looked around Spawn Map and adjacent maps. Otherwise there is still plenty to discover! 
10 ocean monuments, 4 witch huts, 4 villages, 3 woodland mansions, 3 desert temples.. cords below! The seed was found Aug 4 2017. 


Map Size: Large

Biome Scale: Small

Find Balanced Seed: Yes

Spawn Map Coordinates

Spawn Point

X:-25 Y:69 Z:104


4 diamonds under spawn point

X:-28 Y:12 Z:95


Ocean Monument Beside Spawn

X:70 Y:62 Z:118


2nd Ocean Monument Near Spawn

X: -504 Y: 62 Z: 377


Desert Village with Blacksmith

X:-223 Y:68  Z:-159


Tiny Mushroom Island

X:265 Y:65 Z:38


Outside Spawn Map


Woodland Mansion

X:894 Y:68 Z:65


2nd Woodland Mansion

X:1167 Y:72 Z:-1168


3rd Woodland Mansion

X:-705 Y:76 Z:977


3rd Ocean Monument (right beside 2nd one but outside spawn map)

X:-666 Y:64 Z:280


4th Ocean Monument (with dry spaces showcased in vid)

X:632 Y:62 Z:-903


5th Ocean Monument

X:-904 Y:64 Z:-1447


6th Ocean Monument

X:-1256 Y:62 Z:-711


7th Ocean Monument

X:-826 Y:62 Z:-679


8th Ocean Monument

X:-761 Y:62 Z:-234


9th Ocean Monument

X:-1402 Y:62 Z:776

10th Ocean Monument

X:1273 Y:62 Z:1094


Desert Temple

X:745 Y:66 Z:-678


2nd Desert Temple

X:-1007 Y:70 Z:-294


3rd Desert Temple

X:746 Y:70 Z:1345


2nd Village

X:-645 Y:69 Z:-1404


3rd Village with a Blacksmith

X:-1469 Y:79 Z:-280


4th Lg Desert Village with Blacksmith

X:245 Y:70 Z:1153


Podzol (near 1st listed mansion)

X:959 Y:72 Z:245

More Podzol

X:1531 Y:67 Z:-728


Pumpkin Patch

X:583 Y:71 Z:74

2nd Pumpkin Patch

X:978 Y:69 Z:482


Witch’s Hut

X:613 Y:64 Z:126


2nd Witch’s Hut

X:1091 Y:64 Z:-135


3rd Witch’s Hut

X:1543 Y:67 Z:-1245


4th Witch’s Hut

X:689 Y:67 Z:-1276


Mesa Biome

X:1458 Y:68 Z:-239


The End Stronghold


X:779 Y:45 Z:29


X:786 Y:26 Z:48

10 ocean monuments minecraft seed

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