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Small Map Seeds

Minecraft Xbox Small Map Seeds to play survival, creative, or hardcore, find the map with everything you want to have the most fun.

Minecraft Xbox Small Map seeds to play survival, creative, or hardcore. You'll find the perfect map with everything you want to have the most fun! I try to add a diverse range of seeds to this website and my youtube channel so everyone can find what they want. That is why I have started finding small map size seeds as well as large. Sometimes you just want to play on a small map. The challenge of building within smaller limits or limited resources can add to the allure of Minecraft. I hope your able to find what your looking for below and if not, I do take requests! leave a comment on my website or you can find my youtube channel, Tanisha Eileen, and leave a comment there.

Minecraft Small Map Seeds
8 Villages Seed July 27 2018
This Minecraft Xbox One Edition 8 villages seed found July 27 2018 on the small map size is perfect for a survival game. I include coordinates for everything.
Desert Temple Mansion Village Spawn Seed
This Desert temple, mansion, village spawn seed for Minecraft Xbox is the perfect seed for you if you want to play survival on a small map


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