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8 Villages Seed July 27 2018

This Minecraft Xbox One Edition 8 villages seed found July 27 2018 on the small map size is perfect for a survival game. I include coordinates for everything.

So I realize that many people still play the Xbox One Edition of Minecraft and so I’ve decided that I’ll still post the odd seed for this version. So here we are with this Minecraft Xbox One Edition 8 Villages seed which actually has a ton of stuff on. Especially for its size, since this one is for the small map size. The reason I’m choosing to find Small Map Size seeds is because you can start a game with the small map size and later enlarge the map size.

This means that everything will stay where it was, but you’ll get additional space and things to discover. When I enlarged this map to size medium, I found a mesa biome next to spawn. It’s a fun way to play the game if you enjoy doing it that way.

What also makes this seed awesome is that I also include coordinates for an ocean monument, 3 desert temples, a dungeon, witch hut, igloo, and ice spikes all just on the small map size. For that reason alone this Minecraft Xbox Edition 6 Villages seed is awesome and about more than just the abundance of villages.

xbox one 8 villages seed july 27 2018

Minecraft Xbox One Edition

8 Villages Seed July 27 2018


Seed: 5664091098218324979

World Size: Small

Biome scale: Small

Found: July 27, 2018

Xbox One Edition


-108,78, 234


Village with blacksmith next to spawn

-200, 71, 35

2nd Desert Village with a church

-419, 72, 84

3rd Desert Village with church, blacksmith, beside Desert Temple

-447, 75, -238

4th Acacia Village with Church

82, 65, -455

5th Desert Village with Church

259, 71, -255

6th Spruce Village with Blacksmith near ice spikes

87, 70, 345

7th Village (next to 3rd Village)

-408, 70, -382

8th Village (near 4th and 5th)

96, 66, -184

Desert Temple Near Spawn

-214, 66, 105

Desert Temple near 3rd Village

-485, 75, -230

Desert Temple near 4th Village

281, 75, -485


Witch Hut

67, 67, 32


Igloo with no basement

277, 65, 275


Dungeon with zombie spawner in Stronghold

-54, 23, -61


Ocean Monument

-392, 62, 231



339, 71, 84

354, 66, -233

Podzol at spawn

-108,78, 234


Mushroom Island

-227, 70, -392


Ice Plains Spikes

319, 68, 383



The End Portal

-48, 19, -40


-45, 29, -31

Room with chest

-75, 20, -11


-65, 18, -19

-67, 24, -46


The End

End City and Ship

1, 75, 2046

I hope you get hours and hours of fun from this seed! If you want to stay updated with my most recent Minecraft seeds, subscribe to my youtube channel

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